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Screen printing is a famous starter business because of its relative ease to learn, cost-friendly startup costs and the capability to print on many items. Developed in China around 900 AD, screen printing is one of the oldest printing techniques in which the principal procedure has remained mainly unchanged. With a little work area, self-training and a little investment, you can learn to screen print.

Start-up supplies

Establish supply plans from suppliers of screen printing save money and time. Since screen materials and ink are engineered for specific tasks, plan on what you would like to print before ordering. Most screen printers begin out with fabric or paper printing, but screening is also done on wood, metal, stone and other materials.  2018 Update: Get More Info On: Wholesale Screen Printed T-Shirts –


Building your primary press

A general press of screen printing has of 2 hinged screen clamps mounted on 3 quarter inch plywood. Slice the wood a little bigger than the screen size, leaving room for rising hinges.

A twelve to sixteen inch portion of wood molding, nailed to the part of the screen flame to swing downward when the frame is lifted, with work as a holding gadget.

Preparing the screen stencil

Screen printing is a stencil technique, with the screen fabric used to manage edge bleeding and permitting for uniform ink deposit.

Frisket, or screen stencil film, is a self-adhesive stuff used to hand cut a design, which is then applied to the screen. Shapes may also be cut out of sheet plastic or heavy paper and applied to the screen with glue spray. You may also paint the shape in reverse openly onto the screen fabric, using artist latex paint or opaque fluid.

Preparing to paint

After applying the stencil and permitting to dry fully, tape the inside edges of the screen with shipping tape and mount onto the force hinges.

Locate item on the press and lower the screen. Move the thing until the image is in the wanted place, using a ruler sandwiched between the screen and item to make measurements and square the print. When the item is in location, lift the screen and locate cardboard gauges next to 2 sides of the item, taping safely.

Pour a line of ink at the peak of the screen. Using a squeegee printing, pull ink crosswise the screen, using ample force to push ink via the material and onto the item. Experiment with various squeegee angles and forces to get wanted outcomes.


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